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Shenzhen Puxicoo electronic technology co. LTD. is located in the forefront of China's electronic technology - Shenzhen. With more than 1200 square meters of standard factory buildings, it is a professional scientific and technological enterprise which integrates research and development, production of new energy portable AC and DC power supply products. … 【View more】
Our advantages

Built-in power lithium ion battery

The built-in power lithium ion core is characterized by small size, large capacity, light weight, high safety and long life

Professional development and design team

Self-developed BMS battery management system, with short circuit, overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, over temperature, over current and other protective functions

SPWM modulation technology

SPWM modulation technology, pure sinusoidal ac 220V/110V soft start output, input output isolation, strong loading capacity

Intimate design

Ergonomic design, easy to carry
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